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Floor Duct 

Organize and hide cords and cables easily. Cuts to any length with scissors or utility knife.

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Soft Wiring Duct

Features include:

  • Soft wiring duct is safe temporary or permanent enclosure of electrical cords, data cables, & other objects that present a trip hazard
  • Soft PVC products, packaged in rolls for easy storage
  • Cut soft wiring duct to required length
  • Supplied with double sided tape
  • Length: 6’1 in per pieces
  • Material: PVC
  • Dimension Measurements = Inches
  • Order Qty of 1 = 1 Roll

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Floor Duct Features

  • SAFETY: Run HDMI cables, power strips, surge protectors, and other cords across open floors, counter tops, or walls without the hazard of tripping or damage of cables
  • LOW PROFILE: Rounded surface provides a seamless solution for concealing cables, extension cords and wires without snags and allows wheels to easily roll over cover
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Avoid unnecessary cutting with the pre-split channel on bottom of cord cover, secures easily to most surfaces using double-sided tape (included)
  • PERFECT SIZE: This cord cover comes 6' 1' feet long and can be cut to accommodate shorter distances, ensuring a perfect fit for any home or work space
  • DURABLE: Material is flexible, yet strong, perfect for open areas that encounter lots of traffic, such as event venues or warehouses