Gooseneck Lights

Information about Gooseneck Lighting:

  • Style. The visual components of this fixture type are the main draw attributing to its popularity. Made with a vintage-inspired look with modern colors, gooseneck lighting brings together the best of the past with the modernity of today. It is also versatile in its design options with styles ranging from slender and deep bowls with industrial inspired cages over the lamp to larger rims with fully exposed lamps. They are also available in a range of finishes from bright copper finishes perfectly polished to burnished finishes for an antique appeal.
  • Applications. Gooseneck applications are varied thanks to the overall appeal and durable construction. This fixture type can be used in outdoor areas such as walkways, doorways, garages, and more. It can be used in residential, industrial, and commercial spaces alike.
  • Construction. These fixtures are made for outdoor areas so the construction is durable and comes with many ratings. With options available for damp and wet locations, as well as UL rated certifications and warranty options from the manufacturer of the fixture, these are long-lasting. Many are made from durable steel to ensure longevity.
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As their name implies, barn gooseneck lights have a very distinct design, using a long neck to create a direct angle so that lighting can easily reach any location. They can be highly attractive fixtures, while also providing effective illumination to any location. They have been used for nearly a hundred years in commercial and industrial applications, making a comeback in modern times as both interior and exterior residential applications. With a vintage look and a great range of available styles and options, they are a great way to add a great look to your space while also getting the light you need to live and work comfortably.

This type of lighting offers many diverse applications such as restaurants, barns, streets, warehouses, garages, patios, signs, and more. All of the barn gooseneck lights we offer have been made of durable materials, including cold rolled steel and die-cast zinc, for a sturdy addition to any space. Many options are UL wet or damp listed making them acceptable for both indoor and outdoor applications. We even offer designs with a stylish wire cage design for further protection on your investment. Our inventory features many different wattage and lumens outputs, as well as the option for LED outfitting to any fixture. We offer barn gooseneck lights in a variety of heights and widths so you can get the option that is best for you space and needs. One of the best aspects of this type of lighting is the concentrated illumination they provide and the way they direct light to one spot instead of disbursing it for a dimmer output.

There is no reason you cannot get a fantastic look and powerful, effective lighting at the same time. Our selection of barn gooseneck lights includes bell, radial, angle, warehouse, railroad, Oberon, umbrella, deep bowl, emblem, and other shade styles. This selection of options will ensure you have the perfect look for you. There are also designer styles for a more sophisticated look. Many different sizes and colors are also available. Find the right match for your needs and budget with our many options and install brand new light fixtures that will ensure your space is stylish and well-lit in equal measure today. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please reach out for further assistance.