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Howard Lighting Products stocks an inventory of lighting products from Howard Industries. Howard Industries lighting products include a wide array of lighting items, including lamps, ballasts and fixtures. Howard Lighting products include LED fixtures, fluorescent fixtures, utility fixtures and HID fixtures as well as exit and emergency products. This category includes exit signs, emergency lights and exit/emergency wire guards to protect against vandalism and other types of damage. Howard Lighting’s line of lamps includes LED T8 lamps, fluorescent lamps and HID lamps. The company also manufactures many types of ballast products.

This is a company that’s always coming up with a multitude of new products. Recent additions to Howard Lighting’s line have included LED flood lights, LED stairwell strips and a utility roadway LED. At, we make a point of keeping up with the latest trends and new products in the industry, and we can advise you on the newest and best products available from Howard Lighting as well as from other premiere manufacturers. Just give us a call during business hours if you have any questions.