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Industrial Strip Lights and Shop Lights

Reasons to Choose Strip Lighting:

  • This option comes in several sizes to accommodate a range of needs. When looking to light a smaller space, check out the two-foot options whereas a larger space in need of more powerful illumination will benefit from an 8-foot model.
  • The long shape of the fixture provides a widespread scope of illumination.
  • This type of lighting is available in several lamping options such as your choice between fluorescent and LED solutions.
  • Thanks to the shape, strip lighting is versatile and can be placed in tighter, hard to light spaces for an added benefit.
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One of the most versatile lighting options for industrial and commercial purposes, the uses for industrial strip lights are endless. They can be found in department stores, groceries, warehouses, offices, industrial shops and nearly any large space in need of exceptional illumination. By using a series of fluorescent lamps in a strip formation, these fixtures provide lighting with a wide scope of distribution while taking up less space than traditional side by side fixtures. Aside from providing high levels of illumination, strip lighting is easy to install because they are bound under or fixed to a panel which makes this a quick and easy solution. Our inventory of industrial strip lights features a range of options to meet your lighting needs.

We offer 2 foot and 3-foot fluorescent options for T5 and T8 fixtures. We also offer 4 foot and 8-foot T5 and T8 LED options, as well as refrigeration lights. The lights included in the fluorescent options are an affordable way to provide excellent lighting for spaces in a variety of sizes. The light produced is a blue/white color which is able to disperse without leaving shadowy areas. Since fluorescent light fixtures come in different lengths and different technology such as T5 and T8, it becomes easier for the installer to mount them in hard-to-reach places. Also, different fluorescent lamps produce different light outputs. The intensity and functionality of industrial strip lighting can be manipulated to meet your requirements. For extra energy efficiency and power, check out our LED light fixtures. LED offers a lower wattage for a higher lumen output which will save your business money on utilities over time. LED also operates without the occasional flicker of fluorescent. They last for years as well, so you can forget about needing to replace your lights for a long time.

When choosing strip lighting, it is important to note they can be categorized on the basis of several factors, including fluorescent lamp type, watt capacity, reflector surface coat, and fixture length. We have many different industrial strip lights with various specifications. Whatever space you need powerful lighting for, you can rely on our collection of industrial strip lights to get the job done. From refrigeration lighting to warehouse and department store lighting, our industrial fixtures can provide plenty of illumination to the largest and toughest environments