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Finding the right light bulbs for your space may seem like a simple task, but there are several great options on the market today. When looking for an option that provides an attractive appearance coupled with concentrated light spread to ensure functional elements, A style bulbs are a great choice.

We offer several options for adding the power and performance of A style bulbs to your space. These A style bulbs are made with the latest in LED technology to act as retrofits for older, outdated, and less efficient lighting solutions. Choose from a range of wattages to help accommodate your needs such as options designed to replace incandescent from 25W to 250W to help you add a powerful yet efficient solution. When shopping for any type of lighting solution, you need brands you can trust for their longevity and performance. We offer top names in the industry such as Paclights, Euri Lighting, Sea Gull Lighting, and more for products you can count on for years to come. Made in a range of bases, these A style bulbs are also available in a range of voltages, lumens, and color temperatures to allow for a more customized approach to lighting. Many of these options are also dimmable capable which only adds to their overall appeal. There are also varying choices on the important matter of beam spread with options ranging from 200 degrees to 300 degrees to help you get the right amount of light spread for the space and your personal preferences. Whether looking for an option with a gentle spread or one with a wider scope of illumination, in addition to the modern white options, we also offer vintage options which give the pleasing aesthetic of an old-fashioned choice coupled with all the modern advancements of today’s LED technology. Find your favorite bulb type here with our selection!

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A-Style LED Lamps

A-Style LED Lamps are straight up LED Lamps with an A shaped curvature surface. They are housed in a strong casing with plain or decorative bearings. They are never fixed straight to the wall but always at a designated angle.

A-Style LED Lamps are highly favored for outdoor lighting, gardens and cobblestone street lighting. Such a focused and decorative is difficult to produce in alternative lighting options, creating a niche consumer market for this kind of lighting.

A-Style LED Lamps are available in different watt capacity prototypes such as:

  • 12 watt A-Style Lamps
  • 7.5 watt A-Style Lamps
  • 17 watt A-Style Lamps
  • 8 watt A-Style Lamps
  • 10.5 watt A-Style Lamps
  • 22 watt A-Style Lamps
  • 11 watt A-Style Lamps

A-Style LED Lamps constitutes of the following components which distinguishes it from all other wall lights

  • Watt Capacity
  • Voltage Strength
  • Type of Mounting
  • Color Temperature

Efficiency of an A-style LED Lamp is always on the higher scale due to its prime component-LED. Since LED is a highly efficient component and is environmental friendly, LED Lamps produce far less light pollution than a pulse metal halide or high pressure sodium wall light.