LED High Bay Vapor Tight Fixtures

One of the most durable solutions on the market today, high bay vapor tight light fixtures have been specifically designed to handle the toughest jobs and are able to provide the same great illumination you expect without succumbing to moisture and other hazards. Like traditional high bays, they provide great illumination for a wide area specifically intended for high ceilings, making them perfect for large spaces and tall ceilings in warehouses and industrial spaces, and with the vapor-tight design, they will provide an extra level of security and reliability that you will love.

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Reasons to Use Vapor Tight Solutions:

  • Vapor tight lighting offers a gasketed seal around between the lens and housing, so nothing can get inside. This lighting type protects from rain and other moisture, corrosive fumes, dust, and nonexplosive vapors and gases.
  • Wiring, when left exposed to such elements, can cause issues ranging from a fixture rendered unusable to potentially more serious consequences such as a fire or explosion of the fixture. Vapor tight solutions eliminate these concerns altogether.
  • The lens will always look clean. As a business owner, appearances matter so this solution will help give the location a clean and well-maintained appearance because there will never be an accumulation of dirt, debris, or dead bugs commonly seen in outdoor fixtures that are not vapor tight solutions.
  • The overall quality of the construction is worth it for most locations. The housings are rust resistant die-cast housings and the lenses are usually a sturdy reinforced polycarbonate. These fixtures will last for years and years of reliable use.

 Perfect for any application from subway stations to bridges to docks and more, you can get low glare lighting while also having the confidence to take your mind off your fixtures, without the added worry of rust, corrosion, or other water damage. Each of these products is specifically created to be durable above all else, so whether it's attached to a garage or a barn, it'll hold up for years even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

We offer these products in a range of sizes and styles, so you can choose how much illumination you need by adjusting the number of lamps used in each fixture. These are used in dirty or damp locations in place of traditional high bays. The main difference between high bay vapor tight light fixtures and more traditional options is that they are sealed to block particulates entering the fixture and can be cleaned very easily with a hose or pressure washer. This hardware is used in outdoor and indoor applications where the environment is damp/wet or where contaminants can be found. Their design lends itself to be great for applications like car washes, parking garages, cold storage facilities, industrial kitchen, bakeries, food processing plants, swimming pools, spray down bays, farm workshops, barns, and riding areas.

We carry the highest quality fixtures and wet location high bays on the market today. All of our high bay vapor tight light fixtures are encapsulated in an IP67 rated enclosure giving you the peace of mind to put them on any job you might be planning. We use only the highest quality ballasts and components in and on our fixtures as well as back our ballasts with a 5-year warranty. Using cutting-edge technology on our T5HO and T8 vapor lights ensures they go the distance in performance and reliability. They feature fiberglass bodies with impact-resistant lenses sealed and protected from moisture, dust, and chemical resistance. They also have GE UltraMax instant start or programmable start ballasts with a five-year warranty, certified for ANSI and NSF Standard 2 Splash Zone, Finally, these products are IP67 Dust and Liquid and UL Wet Location compliance. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.