LED Low Bay Lighting

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Information about Low Bay Lights:

  • Used to light areas with lower ceilings, low bay lighting options have diffusers at the bottom of the fixtures. These diffuse the light, cutting down on the harsh reflections that lower ceilings can cause. The result is a more natural, pleasing light in rooms with low ceilings, whether at work, at home or play.
  • The applications for this technology are endless, and they are the perfect option for any tight space. They are usually used in lower ceilings where ample light is required.
  • They are available in several types of fixtures such as troffer-style in T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent or CFL options, and more. There are also LED retrofit kits which allow you to take an existing low bay and outfit with the latest in LED technology for an updated lighting fixture. When looking for a new fixture without the effort of retrofitting, there are also LED low bay fixtures.
  • This type of lighting offers powerful illumination meeting the requirements of tight spaces or lower ceilings which can be a hard balance.

Facts about our LED low bay lights:

  • LED offers the best performance over time for several reasons. LED technology is designed to consume fewer watts while producing a higher lumen output than comparative models on the market. This means a better return on the investment and a lowered utility bill.
  • They last longer than other options. LED lamps can last for up to 50,000 hours which is an incredible value and means less time changing lamps out over the years.
  • An LED solution is especially ideal for low bay ceilings over other lamp types because LEDs operate at no heat loss. Other lamps will have either a little or a lot of heat loss during operation by way of their inefficiency which may impact the internal elements of the fixture and add unwanted warmth in temperature to the space.
  • There is a range of voltages and wattages available in our selection, so you can find the right solution. When adding LED lamps to a location, these two factors are often the most crucial to consider.

Finding the right lighting depends on several important factors. One of the more crucial factors in lighting is the ceiling height. If you have a ceiling that is classified as low rather than high, you need solutions designed for this exact ceiling type to ensure the best results. With our selection of LED low bay lights, get the right choice for your ceiling height while getting the latest in lamp technology.

Aside from the matter of ceiling height, there are several reasons to consider adding these particular fixtures to your location. For starters, LED is one of the highest performing lamps on the market today. With a higher lumen output coupled with a lower energy consumed in terms of wattages of other models, it makes sense to go with LED for any location where you will run lights on a regular basis. This type of lamp also offers a better return on your initial investment because the lamps will last for years of reliable use before requiring replacements.

We offer several options for adding LED low bay lights to your location. With top-rated brands such as ATG Electronics, Morris, and more, rest assured that every option is made with high standards in key areas of performance, longevity, and durability. These LED low bay lights are available in voltages of 110-277, as well as wattages of 50W, 60W, 90, and 100W to meet your needs with ease. Designed to replace older, outdated fixture types, these LED low bay lights replace higher wattages of metal halide and high-intensity discharge fixtures to give you a better return on utility costs over time. Choose from a range of color temperatures and color rendering indexes with these smart solutions to get the exact results your space needs for success. Add these reliable solutions to your location today!

If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact one of our knowledgeable lighting specialists for assistance. We are always happy to assist you in any way!