LED Street & Parking Lights

If you are looking for high power, high-quality lighting solutions for your outdoor space, check out our wide selection of LED lighting. The perfect companion to streets, parking lots, and any other wide-open area in need of a high volume of light LED roadway lighting will provide the illumination you need in any environment. Made specifically to withstand the rigors of outdoor lighting, they will remain durable and reliable through any weather, withstanding moisture, debris, and other hazards to continue to provide great visibility for you and your customers and clients every day. Get lights you can rely on for years with our great selection of products from top brands like MaxLite and Morris, so you can take your mind off your fixtures for good.

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Reasons to Use LED for Roadways:

  • LED solutions offer a high lumen output which aids in visibility where you need it most.
  • It is also a more efficient solution in terms of wattage and energy consumed which can save your business or city costs on utilities.
  • LED offers an impressive color rendering index which can be important for this type of lighting because a poor rendering will make it harder for the eye to pick up colors such as roadway signs. They also offer a better color temperature which can help you get the right temperature for drivers to adjust their eyes safely. Whether you need a white temperature for your parking lot walkways for a safe feeling or yellow temperatures for driving on highways without eye strain, LED is the best solution for the job in this regard.
  • This type of lighting solution is also glare free which is especially important when lighting streets or areas near residential areas where light pollution can be a big concern.

The benefits of LED roadway lighting cannot be understated. They are a big improvement over older options, providing the highest level of illumination and the greatest visibility. Also, they are highly efficient, enabling them to run all day long and still lower your power bill. This also means that they have impressive lifespans, lasting tens of thousands of hours without needing to be replaced. This makes them the easiest option, reducing your need for maintenance so you can focus on your work and stop worrying about your fixtures. Enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge lighting technology at an affordable price with our selection of powerful LEDs!

We have many different options to help you find exactly what you need. Find your exact specifications within our great collection of LED roadway lighting solutions. We have flat panels and roadway flood lights that will provide an excellent volume of light in a small package. Choose from many different customizable options including various wattages, voltages, lumens, and dimensions to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Whether you are installing a brand new system or upgrading old fixtures, we have hardware that will get the job done in no time. Providing your building with quality lighting does not have to be a hassle, we are here to make sure you get the fixtures you need, hassle free!