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LED Strip Light Fixtures 

Finding the right lighting solution can be a hassle. With our selection of industrial LED strip lights at the ready, find the right choice for the lighting needs of the space with ease and affordability. This type of fixture is ideal for a range of industrial and commercial applications. It can be used in locations such as warehouses, retail spaces, hallways, and more. Best of all, LED lights are some of the highest performing options on the market today.

About LED Ceiling Strip Lights

We offer a diverse selection of high quality LED strip lights to meet your needs. Choose from both a range of 4 foot and 8-foot models with various specifications to get the right choice. When lighting a larger space or in need of more powerful illumination, the 8-foot fixtures are a great solution. Regardless of which size you need, our selection of LED strip lights has you covered with high performing features. Choose from the top-rated brands on the scene today such as MaxLite, Truex Lighting, Westgate Manufacturing, and more for products you can choose with the utmost of confidence. We offer our LED strip lights in a range of options such as 1-4 lamp options as well as multiple voltages to get the one that's right for the job. The matter of wattage is important when choosing an LED solution since most people are buying LED for this reason. We offer several options on this aspect ranging from a low 15 watts to a 120 watt with the more powerful, multi-lamped options to help you get the best outcome for your utility cost goals and illumination needs.

While the matter of performance is important, there is no overlooking the elements of quality and longevity. These units are made to last with durable houses, polycarbonate lenses, and of course, the long-lasting powers of LED lamps which last up to 3 times longer than traditional bulbs. The units are also DLC and ETL listed and backed by lengthy warranties directly from the manufacturer.

If you have any questions about these options, please contact us today. We are always happy to assist you further.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LED Strip lights?

LED Strip lights are linear light fixtures with a typically narrow profile. They utilize light emitting diodes (LED) for their light source and are available with various lengths and mounting styles. Here are some examples of where LED Strip lights are commonly used:

Where are strip lights used?

LED Strip lights are used in shops, showrooms, hallways, factory floors and retail locations. These fixtures are commonly used because of the uniform light they provide and the distribution of that light. Their various mounting styles allow these fixtures to be used in many ways including LED ceiling strip lights and LED wall strip lights. Commercial strip lights are typically heavier duty and are used in business settings. For the home, there are garage led strip lights and shop strip lights.

What are the different types of LED Strip lights?

LED Strip lights are available in 2-, 4- and 8-foot lengths. They can be surface mounted or suspended from a ceiling via chains or cables. They can also be configured with optional accessories such as dimmers or motion sensors.

What are the benefits of LED Strip lights?

LED Strip lights offer many benefits. These fixtures are instant-on when powered up, they do not flicker or need to warm up. The light is uniform and tends not to degrade over time. LEDs do not generate as much heat as fluorescent lights. They have a very long life and are more efficient than other lighting options.