Light Bulb Sockets

When looking at a lighting system, there are plenty of smaller elements that make it all work. When it comes to an aspect that is simply non-negotiable for certain systems, light bulb sockets are a no-brainer. Also called lamp holders, light bulb sockets are where you place the bulb and the system communicates the need for power to create the illumination. This is a crucial part of many lighting systems for obvious reasons. When you need this element, we have you covered.

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We offer a wide selection of lampholders in our inventory to cover several bulb types for an easy fix. When looking for options for your fluorescent fixtures, we offer several choices. From a T8 option to accommodate these commonly used tubes to the option of single pin options and high output fluorescent holders, we have it all in one convenient place. These lampholders are made with the highest standards of quality manufacturing to ensure satisfaction and performance. Many options are UL listed for added peace of mind when shopping for the needs of your fluorescent fixture. In addition to the fluorescent options, we also offer options intended for use in traditional stand lamps. Offered in an attractive gold finish, these holders are available in a range of options to allow you to get the right option. Whether you prefer a keyless, push through, knob, or chain operations, we have an option to meet your needs. These options are intended for use with incandescent bulbs and are easy to install as a low watt option that looks great. No matter what type of solution is right for your needs, we have a solution to match. These are all high-quality options you can choose with confidence.

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