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For people familiar with the lighting business, LSI Industries has always been a well-known company. Dedicated to manufacturing high-value, specification-grade LED, HID, and fluorescent lighting fixtures for companies around the world, LSI Industries is a forerunner in the high-quality lighting business.

Manufactured in the United States, the majority of this brand’s products offer energy-efficient performance and affordable prices. Ideal for use in commercial or industrial settings, these fixtures are designed to feature high-performance operation. Additionally, each fixture in this lineup has been manufactured to be as energy efficient as possible, which makes them a fantastic option for companies who want to save money on their utility bills by cutting back on their energy usage.

LSI Industries has dedicated itself to producing a complete line of high-quality, high-output fixtures, including the 4-foot 60W LED vapor light fixture, the 58W LED dome wrap surface mount fixture, a 2’x2’ 46W LED low profile recessed troffer, and an innovative 2’x2’ 35W LED high-efficiency troffer.
These bright fixtures are perfect for use in corporate, commercial, or industrial settings and promise to provide high-quality illumination in any setting. Perfect for factories, warehouses, or high-output offices, these fixtures are designed to feature every bit as much beauty as they do functionality.
This makes them a popular choice among customers and serves to make LSI Industries a leader in the lighting business – even after all of these years. Whether you’re searching for illumination solutions for your office, corporate setting, or industrial space, these fixtures have the potential to be exactly the fix you need. Shop in bulk or buy only a few lamps at a time, depending upon your needs.
At Warehouse-Lighting, we carry a wide selection of products from this brand and will be happy to help you select the correct product for your needs. Simply reach out to us during business hours for assistance shopping, selecting, and ordering your new lamps. Ideal for a huge variety of settings, these attractive, functional, sturdy lamps promise long-lasting durability and high-output performance. Install them to save money on your energy bills or simply to upgrade the look of your space – these fixtures are perfect for either purpose.