Outdoor Wall Lights

The right lighting is crucial for any outdoor area. It is especially important in a business setting since customers and staff need to feel safe. With the use of LED wall mounted fixtures, make sure the outside areas are always well-lit and present the right image. The use of LED wall packs is a great choice.

Due to their efficiency, these options are great for commercial and security lighting purposes where the light will need to operate for long periods of time. Their bright light output and adjustable mount design make them an ideal choice for illuminating building perimeters where control of spill light is important. Since they are typically made of die-cast aluminum that is very durable, they can weather humid and extreme climatic conditions, making them a great choice for tough environments. Due to this great flexibility and quality design, these wall packs are a great choice for just about any location, able to provide high power, quality lighting every day.

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We have LED wall packs in different configurations, wattages, and voltages so that you can find the right solution for your lighting needs. These solutions are great for placing on walls along walkways or even above doors for added lighting. In addition to the wall pack style, we also offer a range of options in terms of shape. For example, bulkhead lights are also wall mounted and offer a great choice for narrower spaces in need of illumination. Another great choice would be the cylinder wall lights that offer a more concentrated circle light spread. Regardless of which shape or type of wall light is right for the needs of your space, we have you covered with a range of great LED choices.

Wall Pack, Cylinder and Bulkhead LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights have many advantages over fluorescent lighting fixtures. Here are just a few of their many benefits:

  • Incredibly efficient. For starters, they are recognized as being highly efficient, converting 80 percent of the energy they use into light. This means you get a powerful lighting solution without spending as much on utilities.
  • Better for the environment. As a commercial lighting option, they're also environmentally friendly, in that they contain no toxic materials and are recyclable (whereas other lighting options may contain toxins like mercury).
  • Durable even in tough conditions. They can operate effectively in hot or cold temperatures and are resistant to shock and vibration making them especially well-suited to a range of climates and locations.
  • Longer lasting. As for their lifespan, while incandescent lights last for just 800 to 1500 hours, and fluorescent lights last up to 10,000 hours, LEDs last as long as 60,000 hours. This translates to tremendous cost savings over time.

Our small LED wall packs work great for pathway and building perimeter lighting. They are also used for illumination of entry and exit ways enabling security for those who pass through them. Anywhere you need a quick and easy lighting solution that will last for years to come, consider these LEDs first. We have a huge selection of products that will help you find a fixture that not only provides the illumination you need but also looks great. Find the option that matches your needs best and you will be enjoying your quality lighting fixture in no time.

We are committed to delivering quality products at affordable prices. If you have any questions while shopping this selection, please contact us for further assistance. We are always happy to help in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Outdoor Wall Pack Lights?

Outdoor wall lights, also known as wall pack lights, are lights that are commonly mounted on the outside walls of buildings and the interiors of parking garages. This type of exterior lighting is generally used to provide lighting to areas frequented by pedestrians and vehicles. Below are some examples of outdoor wall lights:

Where are Wall Pack Lights used?

Wall pack light fixtures are typically used in commercial and industrial applications. Examples include offices building, schools, hospitals, warehouses, shopping centers. It is quite common to see multiple wall pack lights surface mounted on a single buildings or walls with the light fixture spacing set to provide even lighting and often decorative lighting around the building. Here are some examples places where wall pack lights are used

What are the different types of Wall Pack Lights?

The three main types of wall pack lights are traditional wall pack lights, bulkhead lights and cylindrical wall lights.  Their light sources include metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps and LED lamps or arrays.

Traditional wall pack lights provide broader down lighting and are excellent choices for situations where security and bright lighting are requirements. Made to offer ample light spread thanks to the more open design and wider lens, these wall packs are ideal for use in a range of locations. They are especially well suited to back door areas in need of extra light spread for safety and security reasons. In contrast, outdoor bulkhead wall lights typically project light in 180 degrees making the suitable for lighting applications where up, down and outward lighting projections are required. Cylindrical wall lights add a decorative flair to outdoor wall lighting and project light upwards and/or downwards.

Additional types of Wall Packs include:

  • Mini. With a smaller size and more concentrated light spread, this type offers a more compact option that still offers powerful illumination through the powers of LED. These are perfect for smaller spaces or areas where the wall packs are additional lighting rather than the main illumination source.
  • Architectural. Offered in a variety of shapes and finishes, this type of wall pack lighting focuses on powerful illumination coupled with an appealing appearance. These are ideal for locations looking for ample light while keeping with the pleasing decor of the exterior.
  • Cut off. Similar to traditional wall packs, these cut off fixtures offer a more focused downcast light as opposed to the more exposed and widespread illumination of their traditional counterparts. These are ideal for a range of locations and purposes.

What are the benefits of Wall Pack lights?

 LED Wall Pack lighting technology has developed to the point that it can overcome most or all of the drawbacks of older technologies such as Metal Halide and Sodium Vapor.

  • Outdoor Wall Lighting helps customers and staff feel safe. The use of LED wall mounted fixtures helps make sure the outside areas are always well-lit and present the right image. 
  • Wall Pack lights with their bright light output and adjustable mount design make them an ideal choice for illuminating building perimeters where control of spill light is important.
  • LED Wall Pack Lighting quality is superior in terms of color rendering, color temperature and lumen output (compared to wattage used).
  • LED outdoor lights have a much longer lifespan which means that the lights need to be replaced less frequently than other types.
  • Although LED lighting is more expensive initially upon point of purchase, costs are more than made up in the long term due to the fact that they consume much less energy than conventional lights. This saves on utility costs over time. They also don’t waste energy emitted as heat.