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When you find yourself working in the toughest environments, you know you need to get the most durable and reliable lighting on the market. This is where pendant vapor tight lights come in. They have been designed specifically to resist the damaging effects of moisture, dirt, dust, and debris, and can provide quality illumination through any weather conditions.

Perfect for use outdoors or in tough environments like barns, construction sites, and more, they are the go-to option for highly durable, highly reliable light fixtures.

Pendant vapor tight lights work by housing each light in a strong metal case to protect it from damage. A flared base helps protect from moisture buildup and runoff while the metal frame houses the bulb and ensures it does not get damaged by random debris. The result is a fixture you can install just about anywhere without worry, knowing it will be safe from harm. Housing is made from heavy duty die-cast aluminum, providing great durability while being lightweight and easy to use.
We have many options that will help you choose the right pendant vapor tight lights for your application. Our pendants are small but powerful, able to be installed just about anywhere while delivering great illumination to a wide area. Models come in options ranging from 42 to 300 watts, with various voltages to match your needs. Find the perfect match for your system and you will be able to add a new fixture anywhere you need it. The strength these lights provide will ensure you get the lighting you need without worry.
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