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There are a few different sensor options available when installing lighting controls. One of the most common is a photo sensor. Here are a few things you need to know about photo light sensors when choosing this option for your business.

  • What is a photo light sensor? The first step is to understand what photo light sensors are as a device. They use a beam of light to detect the presence or absence of an object. The device is typically a pencil-thin system which offers a convenient solution you can place in a range of spaces without taking up too much room. They can also be found in wall pack units.
  • What are the applications for photo light sensors? This device has numerous applications for the commercial and industrial sectors, providing the base step necessary for many machines to operate. From packaging to food processing to transportation, sensors play an integral part in the daily operation of businesses around the nation. It is a great way to keep track of items based on placement or the absence of an object.

We are proud to provide a range of high-quality, long-lasting products so that you can find the perfect hardware for your needs. Whether you are repairing an old system or installing a brand new one, we can help make the job quick and easy with our remarkable hardware. Browse through our selection and find everything you need in no time!

With a thin cylindrical shape, the pencil type sensor fits neatly in the tightest locations. This is one of our most popular options for photo sensors because it is very versatile and highly durable. Able to be used just about anywhere, it can mount on fixtures or boxes for easy installation wherever you need it. It is also designed with a weatherproof housing, enabling it to be used outdoors as easily as it can be used indoors. With an adjustable swivel base, it is a simple task to direct the photocell where you need it. A 30-60 second delay on a built-in thermal switch eliminates improper lamp cycling caused by stray light. Choose from 120 or 208-277 volt options and get the right match for your system.

We also provide other hardware you need to design the right solution for your application. We have all of the supporting parts to properly complement your photo sensors. From wall plates and flush mounts to swivel bases, fixed bases, photocells, wall packs, and daylight controllers, every piece of hardware you could need is right here. Save time and money shopping for everything you need in one convenient place, so you can take the hassle and stress out of your next project. We provide only the highest quality equipment on the market from leading designers, so you can be sure you are getting fantastic parts that will perform beyond your expectations every time. Please contact us with any questions regarding these photo light sensors for further assistance.