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Reasons to Use LED Stairway Lighting:

  • LED offers the best performance. With an impressive lumen output with considerably lower wattages consumed over other options, LED gives a bright, powerful illumination without eating up your utility budget. LED also lasts longer than comparative options on the market with some options lasting up to 4 times longer than other solutions.
  • LED is flicker free and consistent. When it comes to stairway lighting, you want options that will offer clear and consistent light to keep everyone safe. LED operates without a warm-up time so it's ready to go as soon as it turns on and is flicker free to avoid any disturbances or visibility concerns.
  • These fixtures are easy to install and maintain. With a surface mounted design, these fixtures are easy to install without the need to create holes in the wall or ceiling which is especially important in stairwells which are limited on available space. They are also relatively maintenance free since the fixture is mostly enclosed, rated for damp locations, and LED lamps reduce lamp replacements thanks to their longevity.
  • LED offers a better color rendering and color temperature scale. Color rendering is the ability to pick up on different colors. This might be important in your stairwell if there are directional signs or other informational elements people need to be able to read without eye strain. The color temperature is the difference between a yellow light that is dingy and uninviting, a too white option that is uncomfortable, and the right middle ground for the needs of your space. LED offers the best of both aspects to help you get the right outcome.

Ample illumination is an important aspect of any commercial space. In areas where there are inherent safety concerns, lighting becomes even more crucial in public locations. With our selection of LED stairway lighting for commercial purposes, get the right result to help eliminate this safety concern by ensuring proper visibility in this hard to light area. Stairs are an important area to provide proper illumination for since a lack of lighting can lead to accidents and increased crime.

We offer several solutions for LED stairway lighting to help you take care of your location. These units are offered by top manufacturers in the industry, such as Warelight and Industrial Lighting Products, to ensure an option that meets your high standards of performance and long-lasting endurance. Choose from multiple lengths for these choices in LED stairway lighting. For smaller spaces, consider a 2-foot length whereas a 4-foot length is ideal for longer or larger stairwells. Regardless of which size is right for your needs, these stairway lighting units have a lot to offer. For starters, these units utilize the latest in LED lamp technology. LED offers a longer lamp lifespan as well as an improved temperature and color rendering coupled with a low to no heat production which is always important in tight spaces. Another great feature of these units is that they are made to be durable with strong aluminum housings with baked-on protective enamels and impact resistant lenses. Another great aspect is that they are DLC qualified and offer lengthy manufacturer warranties to further ensure longevity and performance. These units are easy to install with a simple surface mount installation. These units also feature a dimmable aspect if that is something you are searching for in terms of versatility. When you need a durable solution perfect for the specific layout of stairwells, this inventory has you covered. If you have any questions about these products, please contact us and a lighting specialist will gladly assist you further.