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T8 High Bay Fluorescent Light Fixtures & Shop Lights 

T8 high bay fluorescent light fixtures from are available in several brands, sizes and styles so that you can find exactly what you need. Optional reflectors include 92 percent white reflectors and 95 percent Miro-4. Our catalog has T8 high bay lights that meet CEE, federal regulations (ARRA), and UL-listings for energy rebate requirements for state and federal guidelines. Ideal for lighting industrial shops, factories, warehouses, power plants, and storage areas where a lot of lighting is needed in a large space.

About T8 High Bay Lights

T8 high bay fixtures span a wide range in our collection, from small two-lamp configurations to large eight-lamp configurations. We carry name brands, such as Howard, Industrial Lighting Products, Truex Lighting and WareLight, because we know it’s important that you have as many choices as possible. No matter what you need to illuminate, has the right T8 high bay fixtures for you.


Our T8 high bay lights are specifically designed for ceilings over 15 to 30 feet. Our high-quality reflectors allow light to spread down and out from the bottom of the fixture. These Reflectors are available in Miro 4 and White. The energy consumption of these T8 high bay lights is usually 32-watt T8s which can have substantial savings on your electric usage immediately.


Typical applications T8 High Bay light fixtures are installed:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Production Overhead Lighting
  • Industrial Spaces
  • Machine Shops
  • Garage Workshop Lighting


High bay fixtures from Warehouse Lighting are constructed of the highest quality materials allowing them to be durable and reliable. T8 high bay lighting fixture housings are made of quality stamped steel components. We test all of our T8 high bays to make sure you have peace of mind when bidding and installing them on any job you see fit. We back up every product with top-notch customer service and the best warranties on the market today.

The electrical components in our T8 light fixtures are of the highest quality, down to the lamp sockets. Fixture ballasts are brand name and backed by a five-year warranty in most cases. Our fixture ballasts are CEE, UL approved and are rebate compatible to allow applying for energy rebates no matter what state or utility that may be offering it.

T8 Fluorescent Fixture Options

There are several options to these T8 high bay lights that you may use to meet your application needs. Some of these options are:

  • Number of lamps 2-12 (if you need more lamps we can build it)
  • Lenses or wire guards
  • Reflectors - white or mirrored
  • Emergency ballasts
  • Power cords or whips
  • Voltage 120, 208, 240, 277 or 480v

We at are here to help with any of your T8 fluorescent high bay lighting needs that may arise, from custom layouts to energy analysis. Please feel free to contact anyone in customer service for expert advice.