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A designed invented nearly a hundred years ago, twist lock receptacles are a classic device used in wiring to provide extra safety and reliability to many appliances. From light fixtures to equipment and hardware, having a secure and stable connection to power is essential to ensuring proper function, as well as preventing potential hazards and faults. They work pretty much exactly how they sound - once a plug is inserted into the socket, it twists and interlocks the blades with the receptacle. This coupling makes the connection more reliable, providing extra security in tougher environments. Perfect for commercial and industrial applications, they will allow you to work with confidence, knowing your hardware or light fixtures will remain steady and perform when you need them all day long.

With ordinary receptacles, plugs that are pulled even slightly can come clean out, disconnecting your hardware from its power source instantly. This can cause a lot of problems ranging from simply inconvenience to outright danger. Having your equipment secured by a powerful twist lock receptacle is important for ensuring you complete your work without issue. Whether you are using a simple light fixture, power tool, or other equipment, you will appreciate the extra level of security every day. Many outlets also come with integral strain relief, enabling them to ease the burden of heavy pulling to prevent damage and potential problems.

We have the best selection of twist lock receptacles that will help you get the perfect option for your space. 120 and 277-volt options are available, in both one and two-level models. Our products can match any NEMA standard connector, allowing you the freedom to use whatever hardware you desire. Take the stress and hassle out of connecting your appliances, tools, and lighting to a power source by using industrial strength receptacles that will keep your connection secure every minute of the day.