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When it comes to lighting for your space, you want options that are high performing while also offering a pleasing visual effect. With the use of antique style Victorian light bulbs, you get a look that is appealing to the eye for an elevated aesthetic. Best of all, these antique style Victorian bulbs are available in the high-powered performance of LED for an even bigger draw.

We offer several options for adding these stylish antique style Victorian light bulbs to your location. The first matter is choosing the right glass color for your preferences. We offer clear for a clean, bright appeal, as well as a brown glass which lends even more traditional throwback charm to the space in questions. Regardless of which color is right for you, these bulbs have plenty to offer by way of their appealing visual aspect and performance alike. For starters, choose from a range of watts such as 1, 2, and 3 wattage options. These LED antique style Victorian bulbs are intended to replace older incandescent lamps. LED offers an improved efficiency in terms of illumination produced per watt which is why the wattages are so low. Choose from a range of other related specifications as well, such as lumen output, average life, color temperature, and more. These lamps are all made as an E26 base so make sure you check your fixture to ensure these will be accommodated with that base. The bulbs all feature some sort of warranty from the manufacturer, whether 2 years or 3 years, for added peace of mind when shopping this collection. When you need lighting that offers an attractive appeal coupled with the impressive performance of LED, these are the perfect solution for your needs!

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