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Considerations for Gooseneck Wall Mount Lights:

  • Size. The size of the fixture, in particular the diameter of the shade, will play a big role in how concentrated or spread out the light beam is during operation. For example, a smaller shade will be more concentrated while a larger shade offers a wider scope of illumination beam. The right one for you will depend on the specifics of your location such as the size, the desired lumen per square foot, and the overall ambiance needs.
  • Lamps. There are options with a range of lamp types available. The lamp type will help determine important matters such as lumen output and energy consumed by way of wattages. There are also options with single or double lamps in one fixture which is an important consideration when shopping for gooseneck wall mount lights.
  • Finish and color. This is a versatile type of fixture and comes in several pleasing appearances. With a range of colors from white to green and several finishes including burnished and more modern options, it is easy to find one that works with the overall theme of the location without clashing.
  • Rating. The rating matters if you intend to use this fixture type outdoors. You should opt for a UL wet listed fixture to ensure longevity against the harshness of the elements like rain, wind, or snow.

When looking for lights that take advantage of a seldom-used area of space, wall mounted options provide plenty of illumination for your area without requiring a lot of room. In addition, they are very versatile, allowing for many different styles and designs. One of the most popular designs is gooseneck wall mount light options. Gooseneck lights were originally used for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications in the early 1900s. In recent years, these lights have made a comeback and have also been used for interior, as well as exterior residential applications. Their appeal lies with a vintage look and there are many designs, finishes, and mounting options to choose from. These wall mount barn light designs are a great option to illuminate restaurants, barns, sidewalks, streets, warehouses, garages, patios, signs, and doorways. They are also an excellent alternative for decorative indoor lighting. Best of all, they can be used with a variety of lamp solutions to get the right outcome for your location and preferences.

If you are in need of a stylish fixture that also gives you the perfect amount of light, we have a diverse selection of options. Our selection includes many different fixtures with different advantages. Traditional shade lights provide simple and economical options for lighting up a wide area, while also giving you a lot of flexibility in style. For more durability, vapor tight lights are highly resistant to moisture, as well as dirt and debris. Sconces provide more widespread lighting, helping to cover a larger area with less glare and fewer shadows, and there are double fixtures with two lamps to provide additional illumination for darker locations. We offer wall mount barn light options in a range of heights and widths to accommodate nearly any space. They also come in a range of diameter sizes to help you achieve the best scope of lighting for your illumination needs.

All of the gooseneck wall mount light designs we offer have been constructed with durable materials, including sturdy aluminum, and frosted or translucent glass, for a long-lasting lighting fixture. Some designs even feature an aluminum cage wiring around the bulb for added protection and durability. We offer many options that are UL wet and damp listed making them safe and durable enough for outdoor use in a variety of settings.