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Metal Stud Wire Insulators 

When installing cables and pipes in metal studs, metal stud insulators are a smart, safe addition to the project. Universal Stud Insulators provide code-mandated 360° protection for cable runs through increasingly popular metal studs, where sharp hole edges could otherwise gouge plastic or rubber-jacketed electric, communications or network cable. The smooth, hang-free surface eases pulls, while the design accommodates any shape pre-punched hole or standard field-punched holes. Meets UL and CSA requirements.

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Gardner Bender SB1-25 Metal Stud Insulator 25/bag

  • Helps protect and insulate wires and cables from metal studs
  • Universal snap-in bushing that fits a wide variety of pre-punched stud openings
  • Constructed from durable polypropylene
  • For best performance, insulator should be inserted in the direction of the cable being pulled

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