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When achieving the lighting goals of your location, there are smaller components necessary for success. With the use of wire terminals, the fixture is provided with a solution to allow for electric current connectivity. This is a smaller part of a light plan but a crucial one nonetheless. When you need the best selection of wire terminals at affordable prices, we have you covered.

We offer one of the best selections of wire terminals of various types to cover a range of needs with ease and affordability. Our inventory features top brands in the industry, such as Maxim Lighting and Sea Gull Lighting, to ensure a high-quality solution sure to meet or exceed expectations. Choose from a range of finishes when shopping our wire terminals including the popular options of satin nickel and oil rubbed. We offer options designed to accommodate 1 to 2 lights, depending on the option you choose. These options are also available in your choice of ring or spade shapes to meet the specified needs of your fixture. Whether you need a high-temperature option or an insulated terminal, we have you covered with our diverse selection of choices. From bullets to male/female disconnects, we have it all in one convenient place for an easy shopping experience. When shopping for this item, you will find a range of voltage and temperature specifications which ensures you get the one best suited to your needs. Best of all, we offer these necessities in packs of multiples, so you always have a few on hand in the future. With our focus on affordable prices and diversity of options, we are confident you will find the right solution for your lighting project with our inventory.

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