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Construction lights

Sometimes you need quick and powerful, but temporary lighting fixtures to handle a quick project. This is where our high-quality construction lights come in. You can order any quantity of temporary construction lighting to illuminate your workspace with ease. While they were designed with construction sites in mind, they are useful for a wide variety of applications. They can be used in locations where traditional lighting options are difficult to install or use, including everything from personal garages to any tight space with minimal access.

There are many advantages to using temporary construction lighting for your project. They are very flexible, able to be used in just about any situation. This is because they have been designed with durability in mind. A sturdy aluminum housing ensures long lasting reliability, with resistance to dirt, humidity, and impact. An additional steel wire guard further protects the bulb from damage, ensuring you do not need to worry about your lighting while moving around your space. We provide pulse-start metal halide lights, which are highly efficient and powerful, giving you quality illumination with a long lasting lifespan. This ensures you can depend on your lighting to last the entirety of your project, so you can take your mind off your bulbs and focus on your work.

Our temporary construction lights are easy to install, and only require a simple conduit or hook kit. Place them just about anywhere and get the illumination you need to get the job done. Whether you mount them to a wall or hang them, they will provide powerful illumination with ease. Having proper visibility is one of the most important requirements for doing great work, and you never want to be held back by having the improper hardware for the job. Temporary lighting is a simple solution that will provide cost effective, flexible options for your project.

If you have questions or need assistance choosing the proper lighting solution for your needs, contact our customer support. We are always ready and waiting to help you get the best option for the job, so you can have the light you need to work your best every day.