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Surface Mount Light Fixtures

Lighting can make or break any location. When looking for powerful lighting capable of various applications, surface mount lighting is an ideal way to make sure lighting is getting the job done. Commercial surface mount lighting is a type of fixed lighting that is designed to provide general illumination to pendant mounted, scone or exposed housing applications. This type of lighting is attached to the ceiling by a chain or individual static fixtures.

We offer several options for surface mount light fixtures to help you find lighting that is practical and versatile. Because of its availability in various forms, it is used for many residential purposes and often installed in hallways, bathrooms, foyers, game rooms, and walk-in closets. It works well in museums and exhibition halls to illuminate artwork and architectural detailing. Surface mount also works as an ideal option for locker rooms and recreational facilities. Choose from some of the most commonly used sizes, including 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4, as well as linear applications. Every option we offer is made with sturdy materials and with ease of installation in mind.

Surface mount commercial lighting fixtures are categorized on basis of their descriptive specifications such as:

  • Watt Capacity
  • Type of Lens
  • Type and Number of Lamps Used
  • Voltage Strength
  • Type of Mount Fixture
  • Presence and Type of Reflector

The specification criteria can be varied in some parameters to formulate an advanced fixture such as the option of more lamps, replacement of low-efficiency ballast or change in the light encasement to either a centered or side basket depending on the skylight effect desired. If you have any questions about these surface mount light fixtures, our team of lighting experts would be happy to assist your further while shopping with us.

At Warehouse-Lighting.com, we offer the best in both quality and performance for lighting solutions you can trust for years to come. With most options backed by warranties and UL listed, lighting products are made to the highest of standards. Not sure which lighting solution is right for your location? Our lighting experts are ready to help answer that question.