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Wall Pack Light Fixtures

We specialize in wall pack lighting fixtures designed with cost-effectiveness and aesthetics in mind. Our extensive collection includes compact fluorescent lights, high-pressure sodium lights, and induction lights. We also carry LED and pulse start metal halide lights, as well as accessories and retrofit kits for LEDs.

With such a large selection of options, you are sure to find the perfect solution to your lighting needs, getting power illumination that will perform day in and day out.

Our comprehensive collection includes everything you need to illuminate your space. Whether you’re lighting up a parking lot, landscape or any other outdoor location in a commercial or industrial setting, we have the perfect wall pack lighting fixture for you. You’ll find that these high-output, bright lighting fixtures are exactly what you need to ensure safety and security in all weather conditions and on any budget. It’s our mission to provide you with the best selection and the best prices, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in our extensive selection of light fixtures and accessories.

Wall pack lighting fixtures are designed primarily for security purposes. Their high quality light output makes them an ideal choice for illuminating difficult to observe areas that demand constant supervision. They can be triggered by a built-in photo control switch, if customized accordingly. Built to sustain and last under harsh and humid weather conditions, they are the perfect choice for the toughest environments, providing great reliability every day. They also provide a low glare and are impact resistant, making them a great choice for just about any application.

Wall pack lighting fixtures are typically used for illuminating landscapes, parking lots, office complexes, warehouses and convenience stores. They work great as building security because they can be used with a photo control switchboard that enables timed control of the light switch to go off during daylight hours and automatically start up during night time. This saves energy and will ensure you only have lighting when you need it, allowing you to put your light fixtures out of mind.

A standard Wall Pack Light description constitutes of the following components which differentiate a type of Wall Pack Light from another.

  • Fixture wattage
  • Type of lamp used
  • Voltage: 120, 208, 240, 277, and 480
  • Base housing finish (White or Bronze)
  • Installation condition specific
  • Type of light spread

New Items:

LED Wall Pack, 77 watt, Bronze

LED Wall Pack, 77 watt, 7,583 Lumens, Comparable to 320 Watt Fixture, 120-277V

Price: $258.33
LED Wall Pack, 53 watt, Bronze

LED Wall Pack, 53 watt, 4,974 Lumens, Comparable to 250 Watt Fixture, 120-277V

Price: $208.33
LED Wall Pack, 28 watt, Bronze

LED Wall Pack, 28 watt, 2,812 Lumens, Comparable to 100 Watt Fixture, 120-277V

Price: $145.00
LED Wall Pack / Pole Mount Light, 105 watt, Bronze

LED Wall Pack / Pole Mount Light, 105 watt, 11,780 Lumens, Comparable to 400 Watt Fixture, 120-277V

Price: $313.33