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*CB-100-3 Two-sided Aisleway Coverage up to 120 linear ft (36.6m)

The CB-100 passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor was engineered for installation in cold and damp conditions including the outdoors. It uses electronic components to allow for reliable operation in extreme temperature and environmental conditions.

The CB-100 operates on 24 VDC and controls lighting through WattStopper power packs. It is equipped with a swivel mount bracket for convenient installation. The unit detects occupancy and turns lighting on when it senses a change in infrared heat radiated within the controlled area. After the area is vacated and after a user-adjustable time delay, lighting automatically turns off.

��_ Operates in areas with temperatures as low as -40��_F

��_ Gasketted, watertight enclosure prevents moisture and dust from entering the sensor and affecting occupancy detection

��_ Choice of three different coverage patterns depending on needs of the application

��_ Swivel mount bracket for convenient installation

��_ Convenient DIP switch adjustable digital time delay of 15 seconds, 5 minutes or 10 minutes

��_ DIP switch adjustable sensitivity has 4 settings ranging from minimum to maximum

��_ Isolated relay can interface with HVAC, EMS systems, monitoring systems, or with an additional lighting load

��_ Red LED indicates occupancy detection

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