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  • Color: White
  • Voltage 120/230/277 VAC; 50/60 Hz
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The PW-200 passive infrared (PIR) wall switch sensor turns lights ON and OFF based on occupancy. It contains two relays for controlling two independent lighting loads or circuits and features our innovative SmartSet technology.

The PW-200 replaces existing wall switches and fits in a single gang junction box. It uses advancedPIR technology to detect occupancy and turns lighting ON. Once the space is vacated and the time delay elapses, lights automatically turn OFF. Each of the PW-200's relays can control a separate ighting load and each can be set for either automatic or manual-ON. Dual ON/OFF buttons allow the user to manually turn on and off each of the loads. DIP switch settings allow for a variety of control options such as Auto-ON or Manual-ON operation, walk-through, and test modes.

The PW-200 features a built-in light level sensor that controls the second (secondary) relay. If adequate daylight is present, the sensor will hold secondary lights off until daylight levels drop, providing increased energy savings. The PW-200 satisfies energy codes requiring bi-level or daylight control switching. The two relays in the sensor give it the ability to control two lighting loads independently. This provides A/B switching where the user can achieve half-lighting
(or another desired portion) from a single switch.

The PW-200 sensor is well suited for small, enclosed spaces with a clear line of sight of the occupant. In addition, its dual relays allow bi-level switching or control of a secondary load. Common applications include small office, small conference room and lunch/break rooms.

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