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  • Color: White
  • Voltage 347V
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The PW-100 passive infrared (PIR) wall switch sensor turns lights ON and OFF based on occupancy. It is characterized by high sensitivity to small and large movements, appealing aesthetics, and variety of features.


The PW-100 replaces existing wall switches and fits in a single gang junction box. It uses advanced PIR technology to detect occupancy and turns lighting ON. Once the space is vacated and the time delay elapses, lights automatically turn OFF. DIP switch settings allow for a variety of control options such as Auto-ON or Manual-ON operation, walk-through, and test modes.


��_ Detection Signature Processing eliminates false triggers and provides immunity to RFI and EMI


��_ Zero-crossing for long relay life


��_ Vandal resistant lens combines precise coverage with durability


��_ Choice of Auto-ON or Manual-ON operation


��_ Selectable SmartSet automatically adjusts time delay for maximum savings


��_ Selectable walk-through mode turns lights off

three minutes after the room is initially occupied

if no motion is detected after the first 30



��_ Selectable test mode allows quick and easy


��_ Selectable audible and/or visual alerts for

impending shutoff


��_ In automatic mode, sensor returns

automatically to Auto-ON after lights are turned off manually; ideal for presentations


��_ LED indicates occupancy detection


��_ Features built-in light level sensing with simple, one-step setup


��_ Override mode allows sensor to operate as a

service switch in the unlikely event of a failure


��_ NEMA WD 7 guideline utilized for coverage



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