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The DG15TR Tamper Resistent Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (TRGFCI) is applicable to a circuit of AC 60Hz, 125VAC, 20A current, and can provide electric shock protection and prevent the risksof electrical fire caused by ground fault current of electrical equipment�s insulated damageand prevent the double grounding of load neutral line.END-OF-LIFE FUNCTION: These devices provide a set of circuits that are capable ofperforming an automatic check on main components of a circuit interrupting device when thecircuit interrupting device is properly powered and the device is at a tripped state to determinewhether these main components function properly. Automatic end of life detection and warnfunctions, when GFCI fails, the red signal lamp will Auto-warn to remind user. (Prevents linelodereversal miss-wiring) GFCI cannot be reset and no power to the outlet if wired incorrectly.This device can be installed in the common wall. It has the advantages of nice appearance,convenient installation, safety and UL certification and are designed for use in retail, office,education, hospitality/lodging, institutional, multiple dwelling and residential applications.
Shock Resistor GFCI Outlets (White 15 Amp) White 15 Amp Shock Resistor Shock Resistor GFCI Outlets Outlets and Receptacles

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