Barn Lighting

Finding the right lighting solution is dependent on the space itself. For example, barn lighting requires fixture types that meet certain hallmarks of durability, visibility, and safety to be a successful match for this unique environment. Let’s take a look at the top choices in terms of fixtures for barn lighting to help you master this location and get the right outcome.

1. Gooseneck or barn lights

When choosing fixtures for this area, there are actually fixtures named after this location worth considering. Barn lights or gooseneck lights are made to mount to a wall by way of a sturdy arm and feature a wide shaped head which cast a pleasing downlight in a concentrated circle. The key to using this type of lighting is to place it high enough up for the light spread to cover more ground. This is an ideal solution for this location because it’s attractive and made with durable housings while giving the authentic barn look most people think of when they picture a barn.

2. Canopy lights

Another option for barn lighting is a canopy light. A canopy light is a sturdy fixture usually rated for outdoor or wet locations. It is also usually dust rated for added peace of mind. If there are areas of the barn where moisture or dust is a concern, this is a smart choice that offers the extra durability needed for such a rugged area. Canopy lights are ceiling mounted and easy to install without disturbing the ceiling too much for an added benefit, and you can find them in several styles and lumen outputs to accommodate the needs of the space.

3. Wall pack lights

Another choice for barn lighting is wall pack lights. These are mounted to the wall and commonly seen in commercial locations, but they can be suitable in barn settings as well. They feature durable housings with most offering a damp or wet rating since they are made for the outdoors. These can be useful in a barn setting when placed on the wall to illuminate walkways or paths either inside or outside of the barn. They can also be placed on the wall of the stables to provide extra illumination outside of the aisle barn lights.

4. LED

Regardless of which fixtures you choose, the right lamp type is crucial to successful illumination in this setting. LED lamps offer the best of visibility through higher lumen outputs while reducing energy costs by way of lower wattages than other lamp types. They also last a long time while offering a clean, consistent light spread ideal for any location. Best of all, LED operates with no heat loss which will eliminate extra heat in an area with people and animals for added comfort.