Bridge Lighting

While every area is unique in its needs, bridge lighting might be one of the most unique spaces. Adequate lighting for this area is about the right balance of safety and style to create a city landscape that is powered by the right lighting solutions. Here are 5 tips on taking on bridge lighting successfully.

1. Roadway lights are the top priority

The most important element of planning bridge lighting is the street light component. You need to ensure that adequate visibility is always the top priority for the safety of drivers. This means installing high performing street lamps evenly spaced yet close enough together that their scopes don’t leave any shadowy recesses. You always want to make sure the guard rails are properly illuminated as well. For these two areas of lighting, you want high lumens in warm temperatures to balance out the factors of visibility and glare.

2. Spotlight from underneath

Aside from safety matters, visual appeal is the next matter of importance. With a bridge, you should spotlight from underneath to highlight the beauty of the bridge from a distance. Most bridges are built to be admired so proper lighting is essential. A good tip is to place spotlights underneath the bridge, so they highlight the overall shape of the bridge in an attractive manner.

3. Highlight any areas of architectural interest on the bridge

Aside from highlighting the underside of the bridge for an overall illuminance, you should also draw attention to any special architectural features. For instance, the Brooklyn Bridge without lights on the archways would be pretty drab. Make sure you properly illuminate any special features of the shape of the bridge overhead to bring it to life in a beautiful way.

4. Experiment with colors

Of course, another way to highlight the structural features is with colors. Many cities choose to light their bridges with colored lights for a pleasant display. Whether that means lighting it up pink for breast cancer awareness, or the colors of the city football team, there is no denying that color is a great way to add an extra element to the lighting scheme.

5. Choose durable lighting solutions

While these tips will get you a safe and pleasing lighting plan, durability shouldn’t be ignored. A bridge is an area of high traffic that is exposed to the elements constantly. It is important to choose durable fixtures rated as waterproof, dustproof, and vapor tight to ensure a long-lasting solution.