Car Dealership Lighting

The world of selling cars is a competitive one where every little bit of competitive edge helps the bottom line. When looking to up your locations sales, the key to success may be in an area that seems unrelated. When it comes to highlighting vehicles and making potential buyers feel at ease, car dealership lighting plays a bigger role than you might think. Here are a few tips on making the best impression in regard to car dealership lighting.

1. Draw attention with floodlights

When it comes to getting potential buyers on your lot, the parking lot lighting is crucial. It is the first impression and helps to highlight the vehicles you have to offer. Make sure these lights are placed high up enough and are bright enough to be seen from the road to attract initial attention from buyers. Floodlights are the best way to achieve this. You should have parking lot lighting for safety and visibility, but floodlights should be an advertising measure.

2. Watch for glares

The glare of light hitting a vehicle can be a nuisance to the eyes. While some glare is natural and can’t be avoided since the surface of a car tends to be shiny by default, you can still minimalize glares from lights by using diffusers or glare shields to make it easier on the eyes of buyers.

3. Highlight vehicles with accent lighting

While you may think the best way to highlight vehicles is with the brightest, most focused light possible, sometimes going the subtle route pays off big time. With accent lighting, you can highlight the vehicle in creative ways. For instance, spotlights can be placed at ground level to showcase the car form below which casts gentle shadows and eliminates glares created from overhead lighting. This type of lighting be used in showrooms and outdoor lots which makes it a truly versatile option.

4. Find the right middle ground between bright and dim

The main goal of any car dealership is to find the right middle ground between being too bright or being too dim. If your location is too dim, it will be off-putting to buyers like the business has something to hide. If it is too bright, it might make buyers and staff uncomfortable. It is important to carefully evaluate how much lumen output you need to find the right middle ground.

5. Choose an appropriate color temperature

Aside from brightness, color temperature is also crucial. If the lighting solutions in place are too warm, they will make it harder for the colors of the vehicle to be clearly seen and it can make shoppers feel uneasy. On the flip side, if the color is too cool, it will give a blue-tinged effect that can also be unflattering to the appearance of the car. A good rule of thumb is to opt for something around 4000-4500k for the best results.