Cobra Head Lights

Cobra Head LED Street Lighting

Considerations When Shopping for Street Lights:

  • Color Temperature. The color temperature is in terms of cool which is a bright white and warm which is yellow. When lighting for parking lots or streets, the color temperature plays an important role because the eyes have an easier time with a warmer color temperature when driving at night. This will also help to reduce light pollution for the surrounding areas which is important in residential areas.
  • Color Rendering. The color rendering index isn't as important as the color temperature, but it still plays a role. For instance, lighting on highways or roadways affects the way the eyes see street signs. Most states use colored signs for certain things such as blue signs for hospitals and green for highway exits so the color rendering should be considered when choosing this type of lighting.
  • Housings. The housing needs to be durable to ensure they can withstand the elements and being outdoors all the time. Housings should be made of durable steel and lenses should be polycarbonate to ensure the best in longevity.
  • Ratings.This type of lighting needs to be rated for outdoor locations and wet locations. While the housing may be durable as mentioned above, it doesn't mean a fixture carries the right wet rating so always check this as well.

Cobra head street lights, named for their shape, are available with a variety of options. At, we carry light fixtures that use LED bulbs. With such a great variety of products to choose from, you are certain to find the perfect match for your needs and get high-quality lighting in no time.

We are committed to your complete satisfaction. Having the right lighting hardware is important, which is why we carry such a wide variety of cobra head street lights. These lights are often used for street lighting because they're shaped in such a way that diffuses light to cover a wide area of ground. Each of the cobra head lights in our catalog is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and other undesirable conditions; they're also affordable to maintain.

Cobra head street lights have compact housings that allow high-output light bulbs to do their jobs. Those in our inventory are 30 to 300-watt and made from the finest materials. Our LED are all affordable options for cost-conscious developers, business owners, and other professionals. They're durable and reliable, and because they all meet the latest standards and regulations, these light fixtures are ideal for nearly any application. Whether you are illuminating a wide-open parking lot, lining a street with light for people who enjoy an evening stroll, or brightening a roadway to improve visibility and safety, has the perfect fixtures for you.

We can help you arm yourself with the best information so you can make the right choice for your needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us if you need assistance. We look forward to working with you and providing the lights you need for any application.

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