Condor High Bay Video

[Transcription] I’m James Abraham from Warehouse-Lighting and I'm here to show you our new Condor LED high bay, a great inexpensive solution lighting for large areas, great for rebates, DLC premium, so you're going to get the most out of your rebate dollar on this fixture. This is the 320 watts, it's four-foot-long. We also have several versions, one being 110 watt, one that's about two foot long in this, and a little less wide. There's a 160 watt that's two foot and this width, and we also have a 220 watt which is four feet long and slightly shallower than this. This one’s shown without the lens, there is a milky lens, there's also a clear acrylic lens available for a little bit of an extra charge. Comes with hangers, comes with hangers to hang it from the ceiling. Can also come with a pin it mount box so if you're replacing traditional metal halide high bays, what this will do is allow you to pendant mount them in those existing spots so that you're not having to cable hang or anything like that.

This fixture comes with LG chips and also has a Espen driver, which is what we're usually using right now. May depend on, it may switch depending on what's available. This thing is selling like hot cakes, the great thing about it is it’s inexpensive, it's a sturdy fixture in comparison to most LED fixtures. Really well-made, has a nice powder coat finish to it. If there's questions or any problems you can always call us. It does work from 120 watt or 120 volts to 277. Just a great deal for a fixture. Just to give you some points this one is growing bringing the 5,000k right now because we're finding that that's the most popular. There is a three or four thousand, there's also three thousand available that then we can supply. It does come with a dimmable driver so if you want to hook it up 0 to 10. It does have a dimmable driver and it goes all the way down to ten percent of the fixtures light. It's got a rating of about 50,000 hours and it should blow that away. Respectively they should do up into the 80-90 thousand hour range but we do also offer an extended warranty on this. It comes with a five-year warranty. We do offer a seven and a 10-year option, it's slightly more money but might not be a bad option.

So there is, like I said, the lens options to it.The frosted lens is an extra fifteen dollars, the clear lens is also an extra fifteen dollars if you'd like to utilize that. If you have any questions, we will be more than happy to answer. You can give us a holler had 888 454 4480. Like I said this is great for rebates, it is DLC premium. If there's any questions or problems give us a holler. Thanks a lot. Have a great day.