Conquest Floodlights Video

[Transcription] Hi. This is the Warelight conquest floodlight series. They come in a variety of wattages, mainly 80 watt, 100, 150 watt, 200 watt, and 300 watt, have a remarkable output of lumens. They’re DLC rated. I’ve opened the back so you can see what type of driver it is. It’s a medium weld driver with Samsung chips, about 110 lumens per watt and it does come in a variety of mounting options. Right now, we have the slip fitter and the 6-inch arm mount that would go off of a pole, show you kind of the versatility of this fixture. I’ll pick it up kind of show the camera if you have questions. 5000k, that’s pretty much it, so you know we can special order 4000, but it’s well made, reliably well heat synced, will disperse the heat of the LED without a problem. The bottom Samsung is more of a forward throw light, great for a variety of parking lots, safety lights, sporting events, awesome for that. Here’s the top of the fixture with b driver. This is the slip, goes over the mounting. You can use something to mount it off the side of a building so it can pivot mounting or you can use the 6-inch arm that you would mount directly to the fixture or we would mount for you and you mount this to the back of the pole. I will test and show you what it looks like lit up. This one here is 150 watt you can definitely see the throw on it. If there are any questions you can ask our staff. This one happens to be FL 345. We also have the higher wattages of 300. If you have any questions, please ask. It’s got a life of about 100,000 hours and it’s also TEL rated under UL specs. There’s a five-year warranty, too.