Difference Between T5 & T8 Low Bay Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures Video

Hi, it’s James Abraham again with warehouse-lighting.com. I’m going to be talking to you about low bay fixtures. You know, there was that whole designation of metal halides and it was high bay versus low bay where, you know, a high bay was anywhere over 17 feet, a low bay was anywhere under 17 feet. With a fluorescent, there’s not a real big designation. A lot of it has to do with either how many lamps are in a fixture, or how the fixtures shaped, or how the reflectors shaped. You know, some reflectors will give a better spread of light on the outside, some will give you a better spread on the inside. This fixture happens to be built pretty well for giving you spread, you know, out from the fixture. The reason being is it’s actually, if you can notice, the center bulbs of this fixture are dropped below the outside bulbs which actually spreads the light out on the floor better. You know, it’s hitting the reflector, it’s pushing it out, and it’s pushing it to the side a little bit more. So, this fixture really can be used under 17 feet. It also has a little brother that’s a four lamp that has the same thing and it’s got one bulb in position, I think it’s about 12 inches long or wide, and that will help push the light out to the side also, but here, you know, we have a good example of, you know, a fixture that can be used in a low bay application. It’s not really designated a low bay type fixture, but it can be used like that just because of how good the bulbs spread the light on the sides. You know, a lot of it also on the T8, T5 thing, this happens to be a T8 fixture, I find that the width of the bulb or the diameter of the bulb allows the light to spread out a little bit more than a T8, which is actually more pungent or it pushes it down to the floor a lot farther, so when thinking about, you know, low bay application, that would be anywhere from like a 14 to 20 foot height of your ceiling that you’re hanging them, you know, I would probably look more intently at the T8 than I would the T5, but you can always call and ask us, you know, what we think and to work up your application. You can either call us at 888 454 4480 or just come to our website and check out what we’ve got it’s www.warehouse-lighting.com. Thanks a lot, and we’ll talk to you soon. Appreciate you stopping by.