Dock lighting or Board Walk lighting

There are several types of lights that are perfect for lighting docks and or public boardwalk. One that I see used a lot is gooseneck lights mounted off a j box and a 4 x 4 posts. This tends to be a great way to light a wide path for the public to follow. Like a boardwalk is relatively economical and visual appealing to passerbies. You will see a lot of this type of lighting on costal towns and wharf areas keeping with the rustic theme of those areas.

We carry manufactures that produce gooseneck lights with led options built in. But I have found the most economical way to make goose neck lights leds is to just purchase an led lamp to screw into the regular socket. This way the lamps are just replaceable without getting the manufacture involved in the repair process the longevity of the lamp tends to be as good as they offer.Goose Neck Dock Lighting