Does The Life Of The Driver Keep Up With The LEDS

• The driver is a much more complicated electrical component and will generally not outlast the life of the LED. The variety of internal electrical components in a driver creates more possible points of failure with the capacitors typically being the limiting component. Transient input powers, heat, and other environmental conditions all play in to the life of the driver. When manufacturers offer a warranty of 5 years, it is generally safe to say that the 5-year warranty is based on very conservative assumptions (max rated ambient for 50,000 hours straight) while still meaning that a statistically significant amount of parts would continue to perform beyond this or at least up to this point.

• It is important to note that there are different types of drivers and they play a role in how long the driver will last. For example, there are internal and external drivers for LED lights. Internal are typically found in residential lights while external drivers are commonly seen in LED’s requiring more output in terms of lumens.

• The life of the driver is dependent on several factors but the most prevalent force is the temperature. The higher the operating temperature or any surrounding temps the driver is exposed to on a consistent basis will play a role in how long the driver lasts. Since they are working with LED lights, the temperatures from the light itself shouldn’t be an issue. If it is an external driver being used in an outdoor setting however, you will most likely need to replace the driver sooner than your indoor driver components. The type of driver you need will depend greatly on the unit itself and the intended applications.

• There are three main types of drivers and your light will specify with one is meant for your unit. The three driver types are classified as constant current drivers, constant voltage drivers, and AC LED drivers.