Filtering LED Optical Layers

When choosing lighting, it is never a matter of simply choosing the bulb and fixture. There are many considerations that come into play in determining the option that will meet all of your needs across the board. Whether choosing a LED solution for the first time or looking to improve upon an existing LED lighting system, the more you understand about filtering LED optical layers, the better the results will be for your location.

A LED fixture is known to offer some of the highest lumen outputs on the market which makes it a big resource for a variety of settings. They are long lasting, energy efficient, and the lamps are free of flickering. While LED solutions are known to offer an improved light spread over options such as metal halide, there are still ways to improve upon this aspect by filtering LED optical layers. The reason there were once complaints about this area of LED performance was because many LED solutions, especially those operating with multiple diodes under their lenses, often created a rougher beam spread without evenly defined edges and an increase in shadows. While this problem has been a minimal nuisance for most people, it was a much bigger problem in areas which required lower shadow occurrences.

To help remedy this area of LED concern, there are now options available with specialized lenses to help with filtering LED optical layers. These options are designed with a metal reflector within the lamp area which will help to redirect the lighting without the shadow effect. Another way to remedy this is with the use of diffusers. While you want to achieve as much lumen output as possible in most cases, diffusers will filter it to make it more pleasing to the eye while helping to eliminate the previously mentioned rough edges that create harsh lines.

While a LED solution may come with these options already in place, you can also choose to add them to existing fixtures. In fact, performing this type of retrofit task can be a great way to improve the directional spread of lighting to be more efficient for the space without having to overhaul the entire fixture or system.