Hair Salon Lighting

When it comes to finding the right lighting, the type of location plays a big role in the best applications. For hair salon lighting, there are a few important things to keep in mind which will determine the right solutions for the needs of this unique space. Let's take a closer look at the matter of hair salon lighting.

Figuring Out Basics

There are a few basics you need to know for hair salon lighting. For starters, the matter of the color rendering index is even more important than in other locations. The lighting needs to be able to pick up on different colors for matters such as hair dye and a poor color rendering index will hinder that ability. Try to stick with a CRI of at least 80 or higher for proper color appearances. You will also want to consider color temperature which is different from color rendering index. The color temperature is where the light output falls on the warm to cool spectrum whereas color rendering index is how well a light picks up different colors. When looking at temperature, you want to stay away from anything too warm because it will have a yellow tinge that isn't ideal for a space dealing with hair color, but you also want to stay away from anything too white because it can be overly harsh and unflattering. A good rule of thumb is to keep the color temperature around 3500K-4000K for the best results.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Aside from the two matters of color rendering index and color temperature, the types of lamps and fixtures available for this application are quite diverse. Since overhead lighting is a must have in this type of area, placing a few general lighting troffers throughout the area is a typical solution. For the areas near the mirrors, the lighting should be focused yet gentle. A few great solutions for this application would be wall sconces placed overheated, directional lights with the light cast in a way to avoid hitting the mirror and causing glare, or even accent lights like recessed can lights coupled with other light sources. The goal when choosing the light fixture type is to remember it is okay to mix and match to get the right layered lighting effect for this unique space.