High Bay Lights & Lighting Fixtures

High Bay Information

What is high bay lighting and when should it be used? While it is a common lighting solution, there are still questions surrounding this option. Let's take a look at the answers to these questions and more with a few main points.

  • The use of high bay lighting is only suitable for ceilings meeting a certain height requirement. If a location uses high bay in a low bay ceiling, the location will be overpowered with the illumination and on the reverse side, if a location uses low bay fixtures in a high bay ceiling, the end result will be inadequate light spread and poor illumination in the space.
  • The general guideline for when to use this type of lighting is when the ceiling is over 20 feet, but it can be used in ceilings as low as 15 feet, depending on the location. They can work in ceilings of over 20 feet as well which is ideal for locations with high ceilings. While you can use them in ceilings less than 15 feet, it would be overpowering to the space in terms of lumen output. It's important to know the height of the ceiling and plan the lighting accordingly.

Benefits of High Bays

While you could just put a regular fixture in the location, you may want to reconsider if you have high ceilings. There are certain benefits to using high bay lights and fixtures in this type of location. Let's take a look at the most common benefits of this lighting solution.

  • Better light spread. For starters, they will provide the right light spread for the area. Since high bay lights and fixtures are designed with the understanding that they are providing illumination at a greater distance from the floor, they are designed to offer the best light spread which helps with proper illumination. High bays typically use reflectors in either aluminum, white, or Miro-4 which will help with distributing as much illumination down and out as possible.
  • Better quality for better longevity. They are also typically made with a focus on heavy-duty construction and long-lasting performance since high bays are usually used in areas such as industrial locations, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. The materials are made to last for years of dependable use for a great investment for such rugged locations.
  • Available in a range of fixture types. While high bay lights and fixtures were once rather limited in their design, today's market has certainly opened up the options. There is a range of fixture types available and several sizes to help you get the right option. From troffers to rounded options, there is an option for every preference and space when shopping high bay lights and fixtures.
  • Available with LED technology. While high bays were once limited in their lamping options, LED has pretty much reached every imaginable aspect of the lighting world. The use of LED in high bay fixtures offers the best results in terms of low wattages to high lumen outputs for a bright yet efficient option, color temperature options, low to no heat production, and better utility costs every month, as well as a more consistent light source that lasts up to 4 times longer than other options.

Our Selection

We offer a diverse selection of high bay fixtures to outfit almost any location with a high ceiling. Regardless of whether you're bringing brightness to a warehouse, factory, school gymnasium, or any large space, high bay light fixtures are sure to be your go-to method of choice. Ideal for large settings that need bright illumination and long-lasting quality, these high bay lights are perfect for the consumer who wants a low-maintenance lamp that offers quality performance. Our inventory spans a range of preferences and needs in several ways such as available lumen output, wattages consumed, housing options, and more to ensure you get the right solution for your needs. We include several options for high bay light fixtures in our selection, which means that you'll be able to find the perfect setup for your unique needs. Each of these options provides a professional-grade illumination that is clear and long-lasting to help illuminate your space with ease while accommodating the height of the ceiling. Let's take a closer look at these options at a glance to help you get an idea of what they offer and determine which one might be right for your location.

  • Troffer style/linear high bays. This style of high bay fixture offers a wide light spread because of the overall length and shape. With traditional tube lamps and a choice on how many lamps are in the unit, these are a common way to bring illumination to a large space with a reliable light spread. These are typically mounted inside the ceiling for a clean, easy to maintain option. There are also linear options available which allow for suspended or pendant mounting for added versatility when choosing lighting for a location.
  • Round. These are rounded in shape and offer a different take on the more traditional rectangular fixtures. The round shape helps to create a more concentrated light source. While they are ideal for high bay ceilings, they may not offer as much light spread as a rectangular option so this should be kept in mind when shopping. These light fixtures are available in a range of diameters and specs, as well as mount options of recessed or suspended in select models, which will help you get the right option for your needs.
  • UFO. With their unique design, fun name, and overall efficiency, it's no wonder this is a popular choice for high bay ceilings. Made with a base that is fin style to allow for better transferring of thermal properties, these fixtures offer high-quality illumination for a range of spaces. These come in a range of lumen outputs, wattages, and other specs, as well as recessed or surface mounted options, to help you make the most of this innovative and smart design in your location.
  • Architectural. These options are available in both long, grid styles and rounded options to meet a range of preferences and lighting needs for high bay ceilings. These units are typically mounted in a direct surface, pendant wire, or chain mount. They are also available in a range of specs like wattages, size, number of lamps, and more.

While these different types are all reliable and high powered for higher ceilings, the kind of high bay lighting you'll need depends in large part on the type of space you're attempting to furnish and your preferences. For this reason, we carry a few dozen types and sizes of high bay light fixtures. From domed varieties to long lamp banks, we offer a large selection of styles and powers to meet your needs. We offer the powers of LED solutions which can help save on utility costs and lamp replacements over time. No matter what you choose, we guarantee that we will offer something that can fill your needs and make your space feel crisp, bright, and clean. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we will gladly assist you on the matter. We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service coupled with reliable solutions at affordable prices for an all-around satisfactory shopping experience. Our staff is always happy to assist our valued shoppers in finding the right solution for the needs of their location. Contact one of our friendly lighting specialists today to find the right light for your location.

Can I retrofit instead of installing new LED fixtures?

Many people want the powers of LED for their high bay ceiling without the cost associated with all new fixtures. The good news is that you can get all the powers of LED in high bays without replacing the entire fixture or housing with the use of retrofit kits. These options allow you to easily experience the wonders of LED without a complete overhaul of your lighting system. We offer several great options for retrofitting to LED high bay fixtures. Whether you need a high-powered panel of LED lamps, vapor tight troffer-style options, or one of our other reliable options, these kits allow you to easily transform almost any high bay fixture to the powers of LED.

Reasons to use LED:

  • LED offers better lumen output to wattages consumed for a more efficient solution. This means LED will offer not only a bright illumination source especially well suited to higher ceilings, but it will also cut down on utility costs for your location.
  • It offers the best color temperature and color rendering indexes. Depending on your location and the activities taking place, you may need a higher color rendering index to help the eyes see the difference between similar colors with more ease. LED also offers a more diverse range of available color temperatures on the Kelvin scale. With the ability to get a light that is as warm or cool as you prefer, LED lamps cater to a range of preferences on color temperature ranges.
  • LED doesn't produce as much heat as other solutions. Since an LED is an incredibly efficient solution with hardly any energy lost to heat rather than used for illumination, they are practically heat free. This is ideal for any setting worried about extra heat in the space.
  • LED lamps have no warm-up time and they don't flicker like other options. Unlike other solutions, LED lamps are ready to go as soon as you turn them on. There is no warm-up or waiting for the light to reach its full illumination. The lamps are also flicker-free, even when they reach the end of their life span, which makes them ideal for locations where adequate, consistent illumination is paramount.
  • They last a long time. LED is known to last up to 4 times longer than other solutions which is important for a few reasons. It means a lamping solution that will last for years of reliable use for your location. It also means less time and money spent over the years on maintenance and replacement lamps.

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