Industrial Low Bay Lighting

Information about Low Bay Lights:

  • Used to light areas with lower ceilings, low bay lighting options have diffusers at the bottom of the fixtures. These diffuse the light, cutting down on the harsh reflections that lower ceilings can cause. The result is a more natural, pleasing light in rooms with low ceilings, whether at work, at home or play.
  • The applications for this technology are endless, and they are the perfect option for any tight space. They are usually used in lower ceilings where ample light is required.
  • They are available in several types of fixtures such as troffer-style in T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent or CFL options, and more. There are also LED retrofit kits which allow you to take an existing low bay and outfit with the latest in LED technology for an updated lighting fixture. When looking for a new fixture without the effort of retrofitting, there are also LED low bay fixtures.
  • This type of lighting offers powerful illumination meeting the requirements of tight spaces or lower ceilings which can be a hard balance.

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Beyond standard illumination scenarios, these products are also useful for applications requiring a higher concentration of light. Such applications can include laboratories, basements, workshops, garages, and storage facilities — any place where the ceilings are low but which require bright illumination. For shops and low-level warehouses, consider choosing pulse start metal halide low bay lighting. These solutions will provide powerful, efficient light without the negative side effects of highly bright lights that cause glare and end up reducing visibility.

Low bay installations can be classified in some ways: by size, watt capacity, type of reflector and number of lamps. They also can be differentiated by their fixture components. These include LED, T5 lamps, T8 lamps, induction, pulse start metal halide, and high-pressure sodium. Take time to consider the specific solution you need and find the right product for your needs in no time!

As with high bay lights, the efficiency of low bay lights depends on their base components. In addition to their ability to beautifully illuminate low-ceiling spaces, they have a reduced damage rate due to their protective covers and low placement. If you take care of your lights, they will take care of you. These lights, if you use them right, can last up to 60,000 hours before requiring replacement. Whether looking for a CFL or LED solution, find it here today and make the most of the lighting in your location.

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