LED Linear Lamps & Bulbs

LED T8 Replacement and Retro fit Tubes and Lamps

These lamps are most used in office and school lighting and can replace traditional fluorescent lamps in troffer and direct/indirect lighting fixtures. These lamps are great for controlled areas and are mounted best at ceiling heights from 8 to 10 feet. Used by many to retro fit fixtures in such places as storage areas, classrooms, offices, retail spaces, hospitality, manufacturing areas, garages and many more. These tubes a great way to replace fluorescents for a longer lasting and more energy efficient alternative.  

Wattage for light output tended to be half of what the alternative lighting is from fluorescent to an LED T8. So, if you had a 32-watt Fluorescent lamp your replacement is 18-watt in LED tubes.

There are 4 types of LED tubes to consider when purchasing the right one.

Type A which can be referred to as Ballast Compatible or Plug-n-Play Tubes. 

These LED lamps are for lighting fixtures where you are using the existing electronic ballast to drive the LEDs in the tube itself. There is absolutely no rewiring needed with this option. The upside to this, is an electrician is not needed; you can do the work yourself. The downside is there are 2 components which could fail in the future; the ballast and lamps. (Note that some tubes will not work with certain T8 ballasts; please check lamp specification on the lamp that will be purchased or call our customer service staff for compatibility).

Type B or Direct Wire Tubes.

These lamps require the internal fixture ballast to be disconnected and the tombstones or lamp sockets to be either replaced with non-shunted or unshunted sockets, and then wired direct to line voltage of 120-277.  The upside on this replacement is that you are removing the biggest problem of most fluorescent fixtures which is the ballast. The downside is an electrician is required in most cases since you will have to rewire the fixture to accept these tubes.

Type A/B or Hybrid Led Tube. 

A lot like a mix of type A and type B these lamps can be installed either way; direct wire or ballast compatible (although you will need to check specifications on ballast compatibility with this option). This is a very flexible LED option for your retrofit project, but direct wire still needs and electrician to wire direct to the lamp sockets as well. The upside to these tubes is the flexible nature of the install, and the error free manner of choosing the right tube for your application. The downside is the need for an electrician to the wire the lamp in type B mode.