Library Lighting

Every space has its own unique lighting needs. In order to achieve the right balance of welcoming atmosphere and focused attention appropriate for the space, library lighting needs to be a careful layering of the right fixture types. Let's take a look at the most commonly used library lighting fixtures to help you get the right application for this unique space.


When it comes to the main fixtures for library lighting, the overhead fixtures are a key element. General lighting is usually placed overhead in the ceiling and helps to provide the most illumination to a space. While you want it to be far-reaching enough in light spread and lumen output to create the main light source of the area, it doesn't need to be overpowering for the space. A few great examples of common application used in libraries include overhead recessed troffers placed directly in the ceiling with tube lamps and also pendant lights suspended from the ceiling but at a high enough distance to provide ample light spread.


Aside from the general fixtures, library lighting will rely heavily on task-related fixture types. Since a lot of the activity in libraries will be reading or studying, task-focused fixtures are an important element. When choosing the right fixture types for this aspect of lighting, aim for options that are meant to cast a smaller, more focused source of light spread such as desk lamps and directional lighting. For this type of fixture and area, you should consider the lumen output and color temperature just as much as the fixture type. For color temperature, it is best to stay closer to the white side to aid in focus and for lumen output look for the right brightness to avoid causing discomfort.


Even with task and general lighting, accent lighting still plays a role. A library should have layered lighting and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is with accent lighting. Accent lighting is any lighting not intended for general or task lighting. It can be anything from can lights in an area above the reading area to add ambiance to wall sconces in a hallway to create a calming lighting source. Accent lighting has several fixture options and you can truly customize the effects to fit the needs of the particular space when working with accent lighting elements.