Vintage Filament Lighting & Antique Style Bulbs

When looking for a lighting solution that has a lot to offer, combine the antique look of traditional filament bulbs with the energy efficiency and long life of LED lights for a unique take on decorative lighting. With our selection of vintage filament lighting, find the perfect style for any space. Made with a classic look and the modern technology of LED in one great choice, these lamps let you re-create the classic look of old incandescent wire wound filament lamps to add a vintage touch to light fixtures without compromising on function.

We offer a wide selection of antique style bulbs to fit your needs. The most obvious appeal of these lamps is the visual aspect. Made with a range of elegant shapes and interesting glass colors, such as the dramatic appeal of a brown tinted glass for added visual beauty, these options for vintage filament lighting are an active addition to any space. Choose from many styles, including Edison, Globe, Tubular, Candelabra and Victorian to find the right style for your decor or space. While the appearance is enough to sell these bulbs, the added technology of LED is another draw. LED lights naturally produce a higher quality of lumen output without as much depreciation over time and consume a lower wattage than comparative incandescent models. Made with a variety of wattages and lumen outputs available, these high performing antique style bulbs offer the same gentle glow and appeal of incandescent in similar color temperatures, but without the heat and energy loss of incandescent. These bulbs typically emit a warm light with color temperatures ranging from 1800K to 2700K. Best of all, they are UL listed and usually come with a 3-year warranty for added confidence with every purchase. Find your perfect match today with these beautiful and high performing LED lamps in vintage styles!

If you have any questions, please contact us for further assistance. We are happy to assist you in finding the right selection for your needs.