Rubber Splicing Tape 600V
Rubber Splicing Tape 600V

Rubber Splicing Tape 600V

ITEM: 60220
Brand: Morris GWG
UPC: 601986602204

Features include:

  • 600 Volt Max Rubber Splicing Tape is Self Fusing with Liner
  • High quality unvulcanized rubber that will bond quickly to itself to form a solid mass of water-tight protection for electrical wires
  • Primary insulation for electrical wires and cables splices of not more than 600V
  • Splicing tape is flexible to withstand expansion and contraction
  • High resistance to salt water, steam, oils, detergents, and other chemicals make it an ideal tape for pipe repair, automotive, marine, construction, etc.
  • High elongation conforms to irregular shapes
  • Dielectric strength 490 Volts per mil, for use up to 176;F (80C)
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