Snap Bushings (Open/Closed) (10 pack)

Snap Bushings (Open/Closed) (10 pack)

ITEM: 22362
Brand: Morris GWG
UPC: 601986223621

Features include:

  • Protect Wires, Tubing, etc. from sharp/uneven drilled & punched metal holes with smooth plastic chassis
  • 1/8 in maximum steel thickness
  • Finger tip pressure snap-locks the open/closed snap bushing into the mounting hole
  • Can be applied where cables are already installed
  • Open/closed snap bushings can accommodate cables too large to fit through the inside diameter of a standard bushing
  • Made from UL approved Nylon 6/6, 94V-2
  • UL Recognized
  • Dimension Measurements = Inches
  • Order Qty of 10 = 1 Bag of 10

  • Usually Ships in

    7-10 Business Days

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