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Industrial Safety & Security Lighting

When it comes to illuminating your outdoor space, our lineup of industrial security lighting and commercial security lighting products promises to do the job. Offering maximum visibility for every single use and application you can think of, these reliable lamps are perfect to add an extra level of safety and visibility to your outdoor space.

It’s not enough, though, to have lamps that simply offer bright illumination; they also need to offer minimal glare and plenty of robust durability to accommodate high-use areas. Fortunately, our selection does just that.

Our selection of industrial security lighting is ideal for use in settings like factories, warehouses, and shipping lines. We offer a variety of options for shape, size, and mounting, including pole mounted, bollards, surface mounted, and flood-focused illumination options. This ensures that you’ll be able to find the correct lamp solution for all of your needs. Whether you’re looking to decrease the risk of theft or increase visibility and illumination for night employees, service people, or watchmen, these lamps can go a long way toward making your property safer, more functional, and more secure.

If you’re in need of commercial security lighting, we have a large selection to choose from. From dock lamps to emergency lamps, spot lamps, and step lamps, we offer all manner of illumination solutions to make your property as safe and secure as possible. Mount these lamps over dark doorways or in dark corridors to cut down on the likelihood of theft or place them inside your building to illuminate the actions of criminals that may be inside your stores. No matter how you choose to use these lamps, we virtually guarantee that you’ll find something perfect in our selection.

If you’re running any business, it’s important to remember that safety is your number-one priority. By installing these bright, high-functioning, long-lasting lamps, you can ensure the safety of your stock, your building, your grounds, and your employees. This makes for a better business and a more welcoming piece of property. When your customers and employees know they’re safe on your property, you’re bound to draw more business right to your door.

New Items:

3-Head LED Security Light w/ PIR Sensor, Bronze

3-Head LED Security Light w/ PIR Sensor, Bronze or White Finish

Price: $113.96
2-Head LED Security Light w/ PIR Sensor, Bronze

2-Head LED Security Light w/ PIR Sensor, Bronze or White Finish

Price: $79.96
Alumilux LED Step Light

Alumilux LED Step Light

Price: $70.00
Alumilux LED Step Light

Alumilux LED Step Light

Price: $70.00