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Exit Sign Emergency Lighting

Types of Exit Signs:

  • Edge Lit. This type of sign is slim in profile and lit by the edge rather than inside the frame of the sign. These are great for location looking for a streamlined approach that is still effective for the safety needs of the location.
  • Emergency Light Combo. When the power goes out, emergency lights kick on which help provide a limited lighting outcome for staff and customers in the business. With this combination fixture, you get emergency lights attached to an exit sign which helps to funnel staff and customers to a door in the event of an emergency or power outage.
  • Photo Luminescent Signs. These signs are a low energy consuming solution which makes them ideal for locations looking for exit signs without too much additional cost associated with operation.
  • Single/Double Face. Many of the signs we offer are either single or double-faced. A single is ideal for areas directly in front of a door whereas a double is a good way to direct people to the exit.
  • Wet Listed. When a fire happens, most locations have indoor sprinklers which activate until the fire department arrives in hopes of either containing or extinguishing the fire. These sprinklers can ruin your exit signs. A wet listed option is ideal for protecting against this damage. They are also ideal for areas prone to moisture to begin with to ensure they work properly no matter the environment.

Any public space needs security lighting in order to truly be safe. Our selection of LED exit sign emergency lighting and accessories are the perfect solution for any space that requires added safety. Each of our energy-efficient signs quickly signals where the nearest exits are in case of emergencies. Because our products use LED lighting, they are the most reliable option for providing constant functionality. With tens of thousands of hours of life, you will never have to worry about your fixtures. Each sign features a compact lighting installation that operates on a fully automatic level. Our products also have several other desirable features that you won't find with other retailers, including a low profile design, humidity resistance, and minimal energy consumption. You can also choose from back, side, or top mounting options. Get single and double-faced exit signs along with accessories like metal guards and rechargeable lights when you shop with us!

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Incandescent Emergency Lights with your choice 50W/100W and 6V/12V Battery Back-up
  • Adjustable, glare-free PAR-Type lamp heads.
  • 6V model offers 7.2W lamps, standard.
  • 12V model offers 9W/12W lamps, standard.
  • Dual 120/277 voltage.
  • Charge rate/power “ON” LED indicator light and push-to-test switch for mandated code compliance testing.
  • LVD (low voltage disconnect) prevents battery from deep discharge.
  • Maintenance-free, rechargeable sealed lead acid battery.

Price: $69.26

Decorative Emergency Light (BR-Bronze) WS-112694
  • Housing Color BR-Bronze
  • Usually Ships Same Day

Price: $114.46

Industrial High Wattage Emergency Lights (12v340w Sealed Lead Calcium Battery) 12v340w sealed lead calcium battery options, emergency lights

Price: $451.00

If you want an easy way to make your space safer, make sure you look at some of our exit sign emergency lighting options. Whether you work in a school, a factory or a retail store, exit signs are necessary to protect both your employees and your customers. Just like regular safety precautions such as automatic sprinkler systems and accessibility features, these products are another intelligent way to protect your business, making sure you've taken the steps to prevent accidents and injuries. Any smart business owner will want to pick up the most reliable exit signs available, and that's exactly what you'll find when you purchase your solution from us.

We offer a selection of top-notch exit signs and accessories. You can choose traditional edge-lit signs or try a more modern photo luminescent option. Add exit sign emergency lighting when you want the option of flashing lights in case of a serious situation. We have dozens of options that will help you get the perfect match for your needs. Find an option that meets your specifications for dimensions, wattage, lamps, voltage, battery life, housing, and more. For extra reliability in tough environments, guards are also available to cover your fixtures and keep them well protected so that they last longer.

New Items:

DXR Remote Capable Incandescent Emergency Unit 6 and 12 Volt

DXR Remote Capable Incandescent Emergency Unit 6 and 12 Volt

Price: $85.00
LED Recessed Emergency Light with Two Adjustable Heads

LED Recessed Emergency Light with Two Adjustable Heads

Price: $78.68
LED Outdoor Decorative Emergency Light, 14 watt

LED Outdoor Decorative Emergency Light, 14 watt, 120-277V

Price: $188.00
2 Head, Indoor Rated LED Emergency Head, 9.6V

2 Head, Indoor Rated LED Emergency Head, 9.6V

Price: $18.63