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Globe LED Lamps & Light Bulbs

While LED technology was once limited in its applications, it has now become one of the most versatile and sought-after solutions on the market. A prime example of the never-ending growth of this technology can be seen in globe LED lamps. LED was once utilized mostly in large spaces where the most benefit could be gained from their implementation. With the increasing popularity of LED in general, as well as the energy efficiency factor and associated utility savings, more decorative forms of lighting have adopted LED technology as well. When looking for a visually pleasing yet high performing solution for a variety of spaces, globe LED light bulbs are the perfect blend of function and appearance.

We offer several options for adding globe LED lamps to your location with ease. These low watt bulbs are ideal for replacing less energy efficient lamps operating on higher wattages to save energy. For example, our selection of globe LED light bulbs range from 2W to 8W to replace less efficient incandescent operating on anywhere from 25W to 60W for an impressive energy saving solution. One of the most popular styles of decorative lighting is lighting which showcases the illumination threads prominently in the overall lamp design. While this is an attractive choice for any space, it can be difficult with incandescent typically used for this type of decorative lighting. Incandescent create too much heat through this type of operation and they are also energy consuming. With LED thread style lamps, get the same attractive appearance but without the heat and better energy consumption. Whether you choose the polar thread option or one of the more modern styles of globe LED lights in our collection, rest assured that every option features all of the hallmarks of exceptional lighting expected of an LED. Choose from several available color temperatures to help create the right atmosphere for your location, as well as various voltages and CRI values. Find your perfect match today with these great solutions!