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LED Retrofit Kits - Commercial

Make an easy upgrade to your lighting by replacing old fixtures with brand new LEDs. As long as your fixture is in decent shape, the use of our commercial LED retrofit kits are perfect for making the switch. These kits can replace Metal Halide (MH) and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp fixtures, giving you a great alternative to buying brand new and expensive lamps. Wattage and lumen output vary for a lighting source that can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

There are many benefits to using LED lighting. They produce greater illumination, providing more visibility at a greater distance. In addition, they accomplish this without using a lot of power making them ideal for spaces requiring more light per square foot. With traditional HPS lighting, the coloring rendering index is very low. With MH lights, they age quicker which lowers their average output of light. LEDs eliminate both these issue with ease for an affordable and reliable option perfect for large spaces. From warehouses and gymnasiums to offices, retail stores, and more, the applications for LED lighting are endless. We offer commercial LED retrofit kits in the following areas:

Area Lights

  • Perfect for smaller areas in need of lighting. They are available in a variety of sizes, lamp numbers, and wattages.

High Bay Lights

  • Ideal for lighting large areas in indoor commercial settings.

Low Bay Lights

  • Provide exceptional levels of lighting for different distances.

Recessed Cans/High Hats

  • Help reduce glare while still offering powerful illumination.

Street Lights

  • Available in single and dual head options. Options available to accommodate a range of illumination needs, from small streets to large parking lots.

Wall Packs

  • Ideal for proving extra light around the outside of a commercial or industrial setting. Available as replacements for both round and rectangular fixtures.

All of the commercial LED retrofit kits we offer are made of exceptional materials and with a range of specifications to choose from. If you have any questions about which LED option would be best for your location and lighting needs, please contact one of our knowledgeable lighting specialists for further assistance.